Does it look like your blog needs some lovin'? Head right over with your
ideas & wish-list and let me do some magic! I design for just about any type of style - well almost
any type other than b.o.r.i.n.g!
So, is shabby chic more your thing or do you fancy a scrapbook style?
From soft to jazzy, vintage to hip and everything in between; trust me to come up with just the right thing exclusively for your blog persona...

Just in case

you're a guy and feeling a little lost around here, well FYI - in the face of absolute necessity my designs can get all masculine, be simplistic and have no trace of pink either.. so there.. what are you waiting for? Lets get started!
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So what do I do really?

Linkback and Support-a-cause Blog Badges

Looking for eye-catching buttons to get some link-back lovin'? I can help create the most striking badges and mini banners that stand apart from all visual clutter and fetch web traffic your way. Badges start as low as $25 USD.

Custom Blog Banners

Not looking for a mega makeover but just a wow-worthy banner to go? We can help you with your very own personalized banner and a matching color swatch for your blog. Our Static banners are great if you are low on budget or short on time. You could even opt for our very catchy Flash animated Banners if you're looking for that extra jazz!

Twitter Backgrounds

Sexify your twitter pages with the most eye-catching of backgrounds at a rate thats easily within your pocket money!

Custom Blog Designs

Come to us with nothing but an idea and leave as a potential blog celeb! At studio M, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to produce designs not only exceptionally high on the wow factor but to ensure we develop a rapport with you and work together
Check out our packages - there's one for every style and every budget!


  1. Personalized header text and navigation links
  2. Personalized favicon and avatar image
  3. Budget friendly Package


  1. Exclusive design of which you get to be the only proud owner
  2. Personalized header text and navigation links
  3. Detailed illustration personalized for header
  4. Personalized favicon and avatar image


  1. Designs for blog supporting a business/ professional
  2. License for non-exclusive or exclusive usage available
  3. Personalized header text and navigation links
  4. Detailed illustration personalized for header
  5. Personalized favicon and avatar image

Blog Setup and Hosting

So you have been blogging for longest of times and had always wondered how cool it would be to have your very own URL taking you to your very own blog - something along the lines of
If you've been holding back thinking it would be too expensive or too difficult to do, I'd say its neither and a great time to take your blog to the next level!
Studio M's blog setup and hosting service focused exclusively towards the blogging individual offers the lowest possible rates and shields you from the techy details involved in hosting and blog setup so you can stay focused on the stuff you're good at - blogging!
Studio M's web hosting service housed on extremely robust web servers backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure provide a reliable uptime, ample amounts of web storage space and data transfer so you can rest assured that you blog is available to your readers 24/7 and page loads don't take any longer than a blink of an eye! get a price quote...
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And how does it work?

The Design Process

  1. You fill in our basic questionnaire to generate a quote, we get back to you with one
  2. After reviewing the Terms of Service, e-mail us your order.
  3. Your project makes it to our to-do queue after 50% payment is received
  4. We send out a questionnaire (yet again!) for you to fill out - it helps us know your design preferences and wish list.
  5. After you complete the questionnaire and choose any photos you would like us to use, we create designs for your review
  6. After reviewing the designs, you let us know if you are satisfied or would like to make some changes
  7. If changes are requested, we make them and send you a revised design to review
  8. Upon your approval of the design, we will develop the theme code
  9. You get to live-preview your project and tell us what you think
  10. We finalize the code, get your sign-off and bill you for the project
  11. We deliver the project files once the dues are settled and you proceed to flaunt your brand new look while we rush to update our portfolio!
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Some of my favourite work

Blog Design Portfolio

Portfolio Image

Asia Venture Schwag

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Portfolio Image

The Sari-Clad Bride

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Portfolio Image

Weaving a Web

Portfolio Image

Tatvam Productions

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Portfolio Image

Almost as Good as Chocolate

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Portfolio Image

Under the Banyan Tree

View live blog

Portfolio Image

mayG and UTP - the blog

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Portfolio Image

Online Baby Shower Blog

View blog screenshot
Portfolio Image

Life in Collage

View live blog

Cuppa Life

The Mag

Sally Writes

All Sports Fans

The Mad Momma

Portfolio Image

Freedom of Speech Badge

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Cool stuff you can download and make your own!

Blog design 101

Not one of them techies yet ambitious about revamping your blog on your own? Here's a little workshop to get you started on personalizing your blog theme and layout. Want to be notified when we release new tutorials? Join our Blog Design 101 mailing list.

Gift Certificates

Really want a design but don't have the funds quite yet? Hint around that you'd love a gift certificate OR if you're looking for a unique present to bowl someone over, offer a Blog Makeover indulgence! Ideal for birthdays, bloggiversaries and beyond.

Blog Makeovers for Free!

Put up our funky banners on your blog and send traffic our way.. You get a blog makeover for totally free if we do 10 blog makeovers for people landing on our page from yours.
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